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Custom Projects

Evil Eye 

  • Here are some process and installation photos of an “Evil Eye” commission

  • Approximately 3 feet in diameter, blown, slumped and float glass construction

  • Lacquer colour fill and silicone ~ 2022

World's Largest Ice Wine Glass


  • 2011 ~ The Niagara Region Wine Growers association commissioned Jason Cornish and myself to make the world's largest Ice Wine goblet

  • Fashioned after a famous Reidel Ice wine design and verified by the Guinness Book of World Records, this goblet holds an incredible 38 litres of wine! Twice the previous record!

  • It is used for display at the yearly Ice Wine Festival held in the Niagara Region. Fun! 

Glassblowers 9622_edited.png

Skylight Mobile


  • 1999 ~ Location: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia – Entryway - Prince Faisal Palace

  • Artists: Andrew Kuntz and Gordon Wright

  • Technique: Suspended, hand-blown rondels, dimensions - 7 foot diameter

palace rondels_edited.jpg
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